We're constantly striving for a zero waste studio. Although every effort is made to reduce waste during the production process, there are always small scraps left behind. So what do we do with fabric offcuts and textile waste that isn’t suitable for donating or using in future projects? Throwing it into landfill just isn't an option.
Therefore, we send them to a fabric recycling plant, where they a made into a new innovative product (which is also fully recyclable).

If you’re in Australia, you can do the same via a company called Upparel, though you may be able to find something similar overseas.

So, what textiles can be recycled?
According to upparel’s website, most clean clothing, shoes and textiles.

What happens next?
Fit for wear clothing is collected by charities and everything else is broken down and reused in pillows, insulation, furniture etc.

How can you get involved?
If you’re in Australia, you can book a collection via the Upparel website. A 10 kilogram box will cost $35 to send but you can claim around $20-$30 to spend through their partner rewards program.

We think this is money well spent as we all need to be accountable for our consumption and waste, particularly if you work in the fashion industry.

Watch to see how easy it is to recycle your fabric
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